Finance & HR Roadshow - Dalby SHS Bunya Campus

Finance & HR Roadshow
Start Date
27 October 2020
End Date
27 October 2020
Start Time
8:30 am registration open at 8:00 am
End Time
4:30 pm
Dalby SHS Bunya Campus - 463 Bunya Hwy, Dalby QLD 4405
Contact Name
Sharon Abbott
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Join Subject Matter Experts from the Finance Branch and HR who will be speaking about upcoming initiatives and share information focusing on all things Finance, SBS and MyHR.

Includes Morning Tea and Lunch

SBMAQ Members $75 including GST 

Non-Members $85 including GST 

Topics to be addressed include:



Understanding the Staffing Models & How the Allocations Flow through to SBS

Allocation of school resources, including school based positions (teachers, teacher aides and public servants), is determined by the resource allocative methodology (model). This session will assist to better understand all staffing model allocations, including Classified Teaching positions and their teaching loads, and how classroom teacher allocations affect teacher aide allocation. You will leave this session with a better understanding of how your School allocations are determined and how this information flows through to and is used in the School Budget Solution (SBS). 

Demystifying the SBS Unassigned List on the Profile Page
The Unassigned List provides useful information direct from our payroll system.  The session will assist in understanding what each record means, what you need to consider and what records you can ignore.  This tool is highly beneficial when developing your Profile and ensuring that all staff are accounted for, the correct records are selected and Usages are recorded when appropriate.

Making the most of your Credits and Usages
Understanding when you can claim a credit or are required to record a usage on SBS.  Getting familiar with the replacement or credit claim rules, and how best to record the credit & usage claims to ensure you receive or are reduced by the right amount of staffing unit days (SUD’s)


Finance Branch will cover a range of topics on the day including:

 Financial Management and Stewardship -  are you aware of your financial responsibilities as a Business Manager? Are you familiar with internal controls and how can you spot and prevent fraud? What are the consequences of turning a blind eye and what can you do if you have concerns?

Gifts and Benefits – when is it really appropriate to give and receive gifts and benefits?

Utilising Resource for Maximum Benefit – are you enabling the school to deliver great student outcomes? Are you and the Principal managing the school’s resources well? Here’s some guidance on how you can be key to these activities.

 Finance Training for Business Managers and Principals – did you know we have online finance training and resources for both you and your Principal? Here’s where to go.

Student Resource Scheme – the journey so far and where to form here.

Debt Management –new resources are on the way to help you with debt collection.

Moving to a Cashless School – how much cash are you still receipting. There are numerous ways for your schools to go cashless and we are here to help!


MyHR Workplace Reports- Getting the most out of your reports?

Find out how to use the MyHR Workplace Reports to pro-actively track and plan HR activities affecting your school. We will look at reports that will assist you in your day to day activities and tips for getting access to the information that you are seeking. You will also preview the MyHR Online Reports Catalogue and any new developments that are on the horizon for MyHR.