Our History

On 8 April 1990, Education Queensland established the position of Registrar in all Queensland State Schools with an enrolment over 600.  Previously only secondary schools with an enrolment over 600 had been entitled to a classified officer’s position, titled Administration Officer, and the position only had responsibility for the school’s financial operations.  The change to Registrar saw the position being available in both secondary and primary schools with enrolments over 600 and also saw the responsibilities increased to cover human resources, facilities and information technology management in addition to financial management.

Following the creation of this position eight unincorporated associations were formed around the State to provide professional development opportunities and communication networks for registrars.  These eight unincorporated associations now form the eight Branches of our Statewide Association.

A Sunshine Coast Registrars’ Association member, Lex Lowry, established the first internet based discussion list in the late 1990’s primarily to “share the knowledge” with fellow registrars on the Sunshine Coast.  The list grew from there to include Registrars, Administrative Officers and Central and District Office staff throughout the state.

On 26 November 1999 a Statewide Association, the Queensland School Registrars’ Association, was formed to provide its members with professional development and support.  In 2007 the title of Registrar was replaced with that of Business Services Manager and the name of the association was changed to School Business Managers’ Association Queensland.  Early in 2017 the title of Business Services Manager was changed to Business Manager.